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OrthoLink is a medical device company based in Scotland. We supply: elective implants, MIS options, burrs, orthobiologics, surgical instruments, theatre and capital equipment and now injury management devices, plus much more. 




14 Oct

Past history of damaging your ACL, MCL or PCL? Suffer from knee instability? Or are you simply in need of... https://t.co/ZFVaNMo8Pj

13 Oct

Choose an #ACL #PCL sports #kneebrace which will enable an effective #rehab. Search "BraceID" on? https://t.co/Fu4g9gncUw

27 Sep

Exhibiting at the annual FASt meeting today in Glasgow. #podiatry #rehab #footsurgery https://t.co/5aKMTYkEh1

16 Sep

We had a great time at #BOAAC in Belfast. We look forward to continuing the dialogue with surgeons across the UK. https://t.co/A3gUlJ6Bhg

13 Sep

We're exhibiting at #BOAAC. Come by Stand 4 for a chat! @BritOrthopaedic #rehab

05 Sep

A few pictures of the newly built children's library furnished with the books our friends, staff and customers... https://t.co/9xqJVBpF7u

31 Aug

As some of you may be aware, OrthoLink sponsor the The Mash Foundation Trust in Nairobi, Kenya. The MASH... https://t.co/cjHscqoKF9

31 Aug

I posted 11 photos on Facebook in the album "MASH Foundation Visit - Kenya 2016" https://t.co/Ae2qpNdWU9

29 Aug

@Laura82P Hi Laura, we supply Spire Edinburgh with our hand and wrist splints. We'd love to work with you too if you're interested?

29 Aug

@bamford_kelsea We sell medically approved Wrist Braces which treat various conditions including carpal tunnel, if you need one? :)

15 Jul

RT @CERFestival: The @ortholink_OL Sprint 110m Final winner was Cameron Fisher! #CERF16

12 Jul

@3robynjohnstone Hi, we provide medical grade shin splint supports to help you continue training. Visit our site or DM for info :)

12 Jul

@CharleighKiara Hi Charleigh, we can offer you a discount on our Medical Grade shin splint support. DM for more info https://t.co/anPRMwBADS

30 Jun

Call us up 0131 660 1961 for further information on how we can help you prevent and manage injuries. Telephone... https://t.co/RXaHyIQgG1

27 Jun

Looking for sports braces and injury prevention supports, give us a call on 0131 660 1961 or visit our website:... https://t.co/oa3We2CuzS

15 Jun

RT @CuschieriSkills: Thankyou to everyone that made today's @ortholink_OL Cadaveric Foot & Ankle #MIS Course such a sucess #Orthopaedic htt?

14 Jun

RT @CuschieriSkills: Practical setup for today's @ortholink_OL Cadaveric Foot & Ankle #MIS Course. #Orthopaedic https://t.co/0dT9uFRa13

24 May

@emily_ricoo Hi, maybe we can help - check out our lower back supports on Amazon. https://t.co/tFDNMm5ojd

24 May

@SHVNNXNVNN We've got you covered on Amazon. https://t.co/tFDNMm5ojd #backpain

23 May

Forefoot #Surgery Options Meeting for all consultants, trainees and registrars to learn about the #TownleyToe https://t.co/ujRYYFzsMx

19 May

RT @stanmorefoot: Thanks @ortholink_OL for supporting the stanmore foot and ankle course #townleytoe https://t.co/6bFxHyM6LV

16 May

We can provide customised surgical instrument sets and disposable osteotomes. Find out more: https://t.co/hhuXAK8cdS https://t.co/4IQhUjR0vk

13 May

For a #kneebrace, #wristbrace, #anklebrace or #moonboot check out our #rehabilitation and #physiotherapy store: https://t.co/VBc6nCYGlc

23 Feb

@orthoconnection Send them our way. We're looking for suppliers of epiclasps, armchair finger splints and AFO's.

05 Feb

OrthoLink are proud sponsors of the MASH Foundation Trust - a children's charity based in Kenya. If you're... https://t.co/h4fCcP2W7f

05 Feb

OrthoLink are proud sponsors of the MASH Foundation Trust - a children's charity based in Kenya. If you're... https://t.co/lxbj4FQ0o0

04 Feb

@physiosinsport We're a challenger brand in the physio bracing space. Our braces are used in the NHS and private sector. Check us out :)

04 Feb

RT @KNEEguru: Hey OrthoLink thanks for the follow!

04 Feb

@ORTHOPRENEUR_J We're an orthopaedic company distributing extremities implants, instruments and rehabilitation braces. Give us a follow! :)

04 Feb

Our Functional Knee Brace reduces #ACL strain & provides the stability you need to continue sporting activities. #Rehab #Injury

04 Feb

Invest in a reliable Functional Knee Brace this #ski season and protect yourself from #ACL injury. From Amazon UK: https://t.co/KU3pSA1fTy

28 Jan

Listen to respected orthopaedic surgeons discuss a multitude of procedures at OrthoLink Radio! https://t.co/tysMVQzSkc #Podcast

21 Jan

OrthoLink will be exhibiting at the SCOT meeting at @CrieffHydro this weekend! #orthopaedic

24 Dec

Happy holidays and best wishes from the OrthoLink team! https://t.co/v9Y2OT2EdZ

23 Dec

Our new #shoulder immobiliser is now available. Click here to find out more: https://t.co/dNg9oopVMf #sling #rehab https://t.co/SfPNSlzZdY

07 Dec

We were exhibiting at the Basingstoke #Osteotomy Meeting last Thursday to show our #FlexitSystem for HTO and DFO. https://t.co/diduq4iwGa

25 Nov

#AnkleSprain? Our ankle support provides terrific support. Now available on Amazon! #Injury https://t.co/yeBYds9lqU https://t.co/7xFp1BthtA

18 Nov

Visit our new #injury management store on Amazon for #braces and #splints https://t.co/IvdPDqvGrU #rehab https://t.co/KUkxzuGUpF

18 Nov

We're now selling some of our #rehabilitation braces on Amazon UK. These are medically approved by NHS surgeons and physiotherapists. (1/2)

05 Oct

Some really interesting discussions at the Aberdeen Shoulder Meeting with Mathys last Friday. #Arthroplasty #shoulder http://t.co/CiVueRHgMB

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